“Brain Scientific was founded on the belief that everyone deserves access to world-class neurological care.” 


We brought together a team of accomplished researchers and scientists to develop innovative technology for patients needing neurological care and access to testing anywhere, anytime. Working with providers across the care spectrum, Brain Scientific is on a mission to ensure access to critical testing enabling faster and more accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Through years of experience and research in the neurology field, our team recognized a gap in access to EEG prep and testing. With the launch of the NeuroCap as a clinical-grade, disposable and easy-to-apply cap, Brain Scientific now enables any clinician - whether a doctor, technician, nurse or assistant, to prep and perform EEG tests anywhere in under 10 minutes. Using a simple 6-step application, ER nurses can quickly apply a NeuroCap to prep and test for an EEG reading any time of day without needing to wait on a trained EEG technician. EMTs can perform EEG tests on-site or in transit and simply transfer the collected EEG data to hospital staff upon arrival. Sports team doctors can assess potential head injuries on location without needing bulky EEG machines or cumbersome EEG lead wires. Researchers can use our neurology products to evaluate brain activity in nearly any environment – from the laboratory to the field.


Hassan Kotob, Chairman & CEO 

About Brain Scientific

At Brain Scientific, we provide clinicians with the right solution at the right time; wherever, whenever a diagnosis is needed. Our priority is to enable rapid, convenient, and accurate neurology solutions.

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