Children’s Hospitals Are Increasingly Using the NeuroCap™ to Monitor Pediatric Patients


Children's Hospitals Are Increasingly Using the NeuroCap™ to Monitor Pediatric Patients

Brain Scientific Continues to See Rapid Adoption of NeuroCap in Key Markets: Ones That Make a Difference, Like Ensuring Children Get Time-Sensitive Care for Threatening Conditions

Brain Scientific (OTCQB:BRSF), a Florida-based applied science technology company, announced today that they are seeing an uptick in orders of their NeuroCaps for pediatric patients.  

“We are excited by the international enthusiasm around the use of the NeuroCap in pediatric settings in major markets, such as the United States, Israel, France, and the United Kingdom,” said Daniel Cloutier, CRO of Brain Scientific. “More and more, we are seeing the use of NeuroCaps on pediatric patients by nursing staff rather than trained EEG technologists. They use them in lieu of traditional EEG monitoring during the overnight hours when an EEG technologist is unavailable for set-ups.”  

When children are brought to the hospital for overnight emergencies requiring an EEG exam, the NeuroCap allows nursing staff to begin testing immediately, rather than waiting hours for trained EEG technologists to arrive. The time savings offered by NeuroCap can make a critical difference in patient outcomes. 

“Beyond the wearable technology hype lies substantial value to our communities and healthcare system, like helping catch life-threatening conditions in the most vulnerable populations: our children and the elderly,” said Hassan Kotob, CEO of Brain Scientific. “That’s why we do this. That’s why we are dedicated to bringing forth wearable technology that moves the world forward in a positive way. Our NeuroCap is just the beginning for Brain Scientific, but it is already making a critical difference in our healthcare systems in the U.S. and abroad.” 

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Brain Scientific Inc. ( is an applied sciences technology company with multiple patents and FDA-cleared products. Brain Scientific is committed to developing next-gen solutions that advance the future of medical and OEM devices. Brain Scientific has two product lines covering neurology and precision motion. The NeuroCap™ and NeuroEEG™ are smart neurological diagnostic devices that simplify administration, shorten scan time and cut costs. The Piezo Motion product line consists of ultra-efficient compact precision motors that will drive the next generation of OEM devices. To learn more about Brain Scientific's corporate strategy, products or investor relations, please visit

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